Run from your Server

Once on your Server all connected machines can access the Library.

Internet access is not required. Install on your network server to allow all computers connected to access the Library without Installation. If the Server has a Web Static Ip address any computer on the Web can access the Library. Library patrons can place Holds, Renew items and check their records. LiBRARYSOFT is also provided so you can install and update using SYNC.

"Trust me that I'll confidently recommend the system to any institution that requires a library automation. Great work!- Emmanuel Trinity Seminary "

Our Web searchable OPAC called OPACinternet is included for searching across a network or across the internet. LiBRARYSOFT and AutoCataloguing both use the same data file as LiBRARYSOFTWeB so on a network you could use both applications at the same time.

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Some features of LiBRARYSOFTWeB Server

LiBRARYSOFTWeB is a Web Server, run and allow any machine on the web connect via a browser or run on your network allowing it to act as an Intranet. Or install on a single computer with no Internet access treating it as a single station install. No networking charges, network as many stations as your network can handle. As an added bonus we include LiBRARYSOFT and AutoCataloguing at no charge. All applications can access the same data file.