We can provide almost any scanner, ask about our Wireless Scanners.

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ECO Scanner with Stand


Stand can be removed as needed.

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ECO Scanner


Read from up to 3 inches away. .

  • Plug in via USB
  • Durable
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Keychain Laser Scanner


Scan and store data.

  • Plug in with USB
  • Laser scanner
  • Small, fits in your palm
  • Uses standard watch batteries
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Questions & Answers

Do I need to use a Scanner?

No, you can search for items to check out rather than scan or you can just type in the barcode numbers.

What is the difference between the Scanners.

We can provide any type of Scanner. Handhelds, CCD, Laser, Portable plus Stands and Wireless. The greatest loss of scanners tend to be by theft. The USB wired scanners are connected to the computer by the USB cable which make them a little more difficult to run off with compared to a Wireless Scanner.

What is the Keychain Scanner?

It is a small portable laser scanner that can read from up to 3 inches away and can store barcode numbers. Those numbers can then be dropped into the computer using a USB plug.

How expensive are Wireless Scanners?

We can provide Wireless Scanners that can read from up to 10 inches away and that can be used from around 20 feet away, very useful for Inventory.

Do I need an expensive Scanner?

No, the price difference in Scanners has to do with the accuracy of the scan, the distance they can scan to and to some degree quality.

What about Warranty?

It depends upon the Scanner, most come with a one year Warranty and a 30 day replacement policy if the Scanner fails.