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Access from any of the major Browsers such as Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and others. Just click on the links.
LiBRARYSOFTWeB is password protected. Different levels of access can be set up for Staff. Patrons can search for items and place Holds and Renewals by using OPACinternet. Security is in place for Patron privacy.
Data can be added by 1. Direct Data Entry - Click add and type in the data. 2. AutoFill - just scan in the ISBN and acquire the data automatically. 3. Load data in from the Gateway using the MARC Module.
Your Library Patrons can Search, Place Holds, and Renew Items by using the link to OPACinternet. The Link can be embedded within your website or passed out to Patrons.
Yes as well as Spine Labels, Combined Labels along with any Label layout. Labels can be added and deleted.
Along with standard Reports there are Graphic Reports which represent the data visually. Reports can be added and deleted.
Sometimes there is just no funding available. If this is the case you can just move to LiBRARYSOFT and AutoCataloguing which are included at no charge. The LiBRARYSOFTWeB data file can be loaded in you can run the library in a client server setup from one or many computers. We do provide significant discounts to Libraries with very limited funding so if funding still exists but is limited please call or email and we will try to help.

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