General Questions

No, LiBRARYSOFTWeB can be installed and used even on a single computer. It can installed on a Network Server treating it as an Intranet or on a Server with Internet Access to allow staff and students to work from across the Internet.
The product is Licensed for the Library, a second Library would require an additional License.
Data can be added by 1. Direct Data Entry - Click add and type in the data. 2. AutoFill - just scan in the ISBN and acquire the data automatically. 3. Load data in from the Gateway using the MARC Module.
They can Search using Client Server OPAC which has Searching by regular and Advanced Searching, Visual Tree and Pictorial Searching. Our Web component OPACinternet/intranet is included at no charge and can be used to set up searching across the Internet or across a Network using it as a Intranet.
Yes as well as Spine Labels, Combined Labels along with any Label layout. Labels can be added and deleted.
Along with standard Reports there are Graphic Reports which represent the data visually. Reports can be added and deleted.
If the computer can run Windows 7 or Windows 10 or the Server classes of Windows it can run LiBRARYSOFTWeB. Macintosh computers can used as workstations by staff and patrons but the server must have a Windows Server class OS.

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